What is good health?

balancing_manHave you ever thought about this question? For some folks it means having a great energy level, coping with stress, being free of illness and disease or living to a ripe old age. In naturopathy terms it is a state of ease; resilience for whatever slings and arrows life throws your way, enough vitality to bounce back. Whatever it means for you, naturopathy is great for achieving  or maintaining health. Naturopaths use food as medicine as well as supplements, herbs and whatever they feel suits your individual needs by lifestyle changes or physical therapies (referral for massage, chiropractor etc) to increase your body’s resilience.

You don’t need to be sick to see a naturopath, increasing your vitality and resilience only improves your health.

Our bodies want us to be in balance and they try their best to keep us there,  it’s called homoeostasis. Sometimes things get a little one sided and the balance is lost- you get a cold or get run down, yet it is our ability to get back to balance that really measures how healthy we are. 

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