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The healing process occurs over a number of weeks, there is no real “quick fix” but changes made have long term, positive effects. Usually a 8-12 week program is usual to targets long and short term aims. This is to reduce symptoms and to influence the underlying factors that are causing your difficulties.

The Initial Consultation

During this long consultation, a complete case history is taken and we discuss your health priorities.  This is quite detailed and will include your current and past health as well as family history to gain a deep understanding of who you are.

The plan is to keep it simple and practical.

You will be given an individualised lifestyle plan which is likely to include a nutritional, herbal liquid or supplement and lifestyle advice.  As I advocate “food is medicine” so there will be a strong focus on how to eat for your health with supplements/vitamins added only when necessary. The plan is to keep it simple and practical.


Follow Up Consultation

At follow-ups, your Health plan is reviewed and your progress/changes monitored. Any tests ordered are reviewed. Alterations and adjustments may be made to your plan or not, depending on progress.