Naturopathy 101

It’s all about you!

Naturopathy is many things under one umbrella; herbs, nutrition, supplements, flower essences, homoeopathy and massage are some of them. Naturopaths have many tools  to meet the individual requirements of our client because above all else naturopathy is all about you! That one unique you who is biologically identical yet not the same as everyone else.

your body knows how to handle everything if given the right space and support.

Here are the 6 principles of naturopathy (thanks Bastyr University). An important principle is the healing power of nature; using the body’s own resilience to improve health: your body knows how to handle everything if given the right space and support. 6 principlesWe use the safest and least invasive measures (“do no harm”) to support your body. Naturopaths want to discover the underlying cause,  as this will have effects on the entire body- reducing symptoms and increasing vitality.  You are more than just a heart, or a hip or a stomach in isolation and we look at you as a whole person including your emotional and psychological health. We see you as one integrated unit with a complexity that may operate in harmony (good health) or without harmony (poor health/disease). Along the way we educate our clients to help them have a deeper understanding how they can help themselves be vital and well.

Naturopathy is often referred to as an alternative therapy, yet I don’t consider it an alternative to medical science. It is also considered complementary, which is more in the ballpark…. I consider it integrative; something that can work in conjunction with the medical model of health and  give a person the “best of both worlds” which has got to be a good thing, right? Medicine has a lot to offer but so does Naturopathy, herbal medicine and nutrition. There is a growing body of reputable evidence that natural therapies are helpful to health.